the craftsman

I’m an English carpenter with more than 32 years of experience. Having gained a lot of this valuable experience from my first successful business in my home country, in 2008 I created my firm in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, in Monein to be more precise.  

 I got my diplomas at the end of the 80’s in England. In 1990 I was selected to take part in a national competition of furniture makers for my native region, “Yorkshire”, and got an award in 1991 from the Guild of British Cabinetmakers, the “City and Guilds of London Institute”.

 Until 2003, I was a partner in a firm as a carpenter and made all kinds of furniture – both old and modern – cupboards, stairs, inside doors and kitchens.

 In 2003, I decided to set up my own business “Wildwood Furniture Ltd” which was very quickly a success.

 Just before starting out on my new experience in France, I had several sub contractors.   


I can help you carry out your carpentry needs, and interior and exterior work projects.






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